Check in via MyInfo

If you have a MyInfo account, it’s as easy as simply logging in for you. We’re integrated with MyInfo and will automatically access all the documents needed to file for incorporation on your behalf. If that doesn’t work for you, simply send us an IC or passport copy.


Book your company name

Singapore government charges a $$15 fee for checking and reserving the name for your future company. You won’t have to pay it as we’ve already got that covered for you. We’ll also help choose a name that doesn’t stall the incorporation process: nothing that mirrors a name that already exists or uses words such as ‘bank’ or ‘school’ that would require you to go through extra approve.


Get your company registered

We prepare all the documents for you and send them to ACRA so you can have your company registered in minutes. Everything happens 100% online: we gather all your information and fill in all applications. The next step is for you to sign it electronically. Once the company has been incorporated, we upload your documents and the Bizfile+ into you.


Open an account: start paying, get paid

You will need a business account to process your payments and invoices, and we can help you get one. You can choose one of the other business account providers we work with. The decision to open an account for you is always up to the banks.